We are in the process of starting a franchise and we want you to be an owner! Why pay upwards of 300k when you can get your own Dilla truck and concept for around 75k? We have some of the fastest turn around times in the restaurant/food truck industry and also some of the lowest food costs. Why not have a mobile truck that specializes in large events, music festivals and a brick and mortar location. You can do both with our concept and we can teach you everything you need to know to run your own GringoDillas establishment for a fraction of the cost.

We the owners of GringoDillas have over 25 years experience in the restaurant industry from dishwasher to corporate manger… we have done it all and know that efficiency, speed and customer retention is of the key to our success! Why not be your own boss but have the help of professionals to guide you along the way.
As we speak we are building new trucks and we cannot keep up with the demand for weekend festivals, lunch events, music festivals and so on! We need your help! Come check out our truck in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona and see for yourself what GringoDillas is about.

For more information about starting your own GringoDillas franchise send an email to Email Us

Food Truck & Catering in Flagstaff, Arizona!